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Ali Basye is a fashion instructor, magazine editor and author of The Long (and Short) of It: The Madcap History of the Skirt, a humorous tome about the evolution of the world’s oldest garment. She co-authored The Newlywed Kitchen, a conversational cookbook for newly married couples, and published a popular blog, On This Day In Fashion, relating the stories behind the styles. As a magazine editor covering bridal, fashion and other lifestyle topics, Ali appeared on “The States” (The History Channel), “Evening Magazine,” “New Day Northwest,” “Northwest Afternoon” and other TV programs. She frequently talks skirts, fashion and film on the radio—including the BBC and NPR—and is a popular speaker at conferences, colleges and businesses. Ali has contributed to dozens of magazines, including Textile View, Los Angeles, Sunset, Lexus, Alaska Airlines and Virtuoso Travel.

A graduate of the textile design program at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, Ali teaches fashion history, writing and marketing and is the Program Coordinator of the fashion department at The Art Institute of Seattle.


The Long and Short Of ItThe Long (and Short) of It: The Madcap History of the Skirt

From its humble prehistoric beginnings, the skirt has had a perilous journey – subject to accolades, ridicule, even coming under fire from the Supreme Court. Sometimes liberating, sometimes restricting, but always inspiring and captivating, this unassuming garment has not only changed throughout time but changed history itself! Sassy and illuminating, The Long (and Short) of It uncovers the evolution of the skirt and the women (and men) who have worn them.




The Newlywed Kitchen

The Newlywed Kitchen

Take one betrothed or newlywed couple. Add The Newlywed Kitchen, a book brimming with mouthwatering recipes that will appeal to both beginner home cooks as well as more experienced ones. Sprinkle generously with advice, helpful hints, and the love stories (and food/love stories!) of well-known foodie couples from around the country. Season with the true joy of cooking together. Serve daily for lifelong happiness.

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